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Calendar Raffle

6th Annual WBLAHA Calendar Raffle

The 2020-21 WBLAHA Calendar Raffle results are in! Check the list to see if you are a winner!!

What is the Calendar Raffle? 

The White Bear Lake Hockey Association membership has voted to conduct our 6th Annual Calendar Raffle. The money that is raised will help support the White Bear Lake Sports Center Rink repair and expansion. It is no secret that ice shortages are an issue, therefore, we are working towards both a short term and long term solution. The funds raised from the Annual Calendar Raffle will go towards rink improvements and/or financing. 

The Calendar Raffle is a Raffle Ticket in the form of a Calendar. There are cash prizes on each day of the year from January 2021 to December 2021. Cash prizes range from $25 to $1000. An example of this year’s Raffle Calendar is posted under “Fundraising” at 

Teams Participating

Mite Level through Jr Gold/U19 

Calendar Fundraiser Options

The Hockey Association has offered two options: 

Option #1 

Families can participate in selling calendars. Six per family no matter how many skaters you have in the Association. You will write a check in the amount of $150 to your Team Manager once teams have been formed. 

Option #2 

Buyout option. You can choose the “buyout option” in the Registration and choose to not purchase the Calendars. We will collect $125 during your registration. 

Additional Raffle Calendar Sales

Earn Additional Money for your team! GREAT TEAM FUNDRAISER! 

Teams may request additional Raffle Calendars to sell. Teams earn $5 back for every Raffle Calendar sold. (The six Raffle Calendars that are sold per family are not included in any Team sales) 

Prizes for Teams Sales
1st Place - $1000
2nd Place - $300
3rd Place - $200 

Family Sales Contest 

Families may sell additional Raffle Calendars. Families earn $5 back for every Raffle Calendar sold. (The six Raffle Calendars that are sold per family are not included in “Family Sales”) 

Prizes for Family Sales $300 awarded to the Family that sells the most Raffle Calendars 

How to get additional Raffle Calendars 

Teams and Families who would like to get additional Raffle Calendars to sell can contact the Gambling Manager, Chris Olson at or 651-231-3379 

Additional Raffle Calendars will be dropped off at the Saks Sports Bar Pulltab Booth for pick up. When calendars are picked up, teams or families will leave cash or check for payment. These checks will be held until December 15th. If you can’t sell all the calendars, you can return them before this date and adjust the check total. Please contact Chris Olson for additional information. 

Raffle Calendars are considered cash. Any lost, unaccounted for or stolen Calendars will not be reimbursed. 

How it works

Participants purchase a Raffle Calendar for $25 each. When the Calendar is sold, the seller will retain the ticket stub which will go into the drawing. 

Winners will be drawn on Monday, December 28th at 6:00pm at the White Bear Bar.  All 365 winners will be drawn at the same time. They will be posted on the White Bear Lake Hockey Association website the following day, Tuesday, December 29th. 

Checks are then mailed to the winners by Monday, January 5th. 

Ticket Stubs

There will be a Raffle Drum located at Saks Sports Bar pull tab booth. You can turn in your ticket stubs to your Team Manager or put them in the Raffle Drum at Saks. 

Important Dates 

  • Calendars will be dispersed to teams – Thursday, November 12th 6 to 7pm at Saks Sports Bar
  • Ticket Stub turn-in deadline – Monday,December 28th, 3pm at Saks Sports Bar
  • Drawing for winners – Monday,  December 27th, 6pm at the White Bear Bar
  • Checks sent to winners – by Tuesday, January 5th 


  • Persons under the age of 18 MAY NOT purchase a Raffle Calendar or win a prize 
  • Cash or personal checks are accepted. No credit cards. 
  • All MN State Rules and Regulations MUST be followed.