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How many hours do I need to do?

We start with a minimum of 4 hours per player.  Parent Coaches (up to 4 per team) and Team Managers (1 per team) are exempt.  If you have 2 managers on your team then find a way to split up the concession hours between the 2 of you. List one as the manager on the form.  The other co-manager will be responsible for signing up for Dibs and the 2 managers can work out the hours between the 2 of you.


There’s no hours for next month, when will you post them?

As soon as the ice schedules are released I make the schedule and post the shifts.  When I release new shifts I will send out an email announcing the shifts have been posted.


Why are some shifts more than 4 hours?

Because it just worked out that way with the ice schedule.  Remember, it’s a minimum of 4 hours.


Why is it $80 to opt out when the kids only charge $10 per hour?

Opting out gives you zero responsibility to your hours – you are DONE with your responsibility for the year.  I cover them and make sure the person shows up, pay them, etc.  The biggest reason is if we need someone to do MORE than the 4 required hours I’ll start filling the shifts with opt out funds before I’ll ask you to work a second shift – if gives the association some “slush fund” man hours to cover things that are difficult shifts to cover and things that pop up on short notice.  It’s optional – you can always be responsible for covering your own shift instead of paying the $80.


Why the $125 deposit for Dibs?

In the past we’ve had a lot of issues with people not showing up, being late or never even signing up to cover their hours.  This helps hold everyone accountable for their responsibility to the association and their obligations.  It’s a lot harder to ditch your shift if you know it’s going to cost you $125.  Elk River has to do 18 hours per player or pay $500.  With our large association we have it pretty easy with the 4 hours and $125 deposit.


I signed up for a shift that I can’t do and it won’t let me change it, now what? 

If it’s more than 2 weeks out I can release it for you notify me.  If it’s less than 2 weeks out you’ll have to either trade with someone or pay one of the kids looking for hours.  As much as I’d like to be able to assist you in schedule changes I just don’t have the time and it’s just as hard for me to find someone short notice as it is for you.  I know things happen, but do your best to stick to a shift that you signed up for. 


I missed my shift, now what?

You will lose your $125 deposit. 


My son or daughter wants to work for our team, can you schedule them?

No, I can’t.  Your families need to go in and claim the Dibs shift and link it to their player.  From there you can arrange to have them work shifts.


It’s 4 hours for one shift and 5 hours for another, can I combine those hours for another family on my team so the next one is only 3?

Please don’t make this difficult.  It’s set up so you can get yours hours done in one shot.  I can’t split up shifts and how you pay someone to work your hours is your business.  I’m making the schedules from a business stand point of what makes the best sense for the association, not what makes it the easiest for someone to cover shifts.  There will be plenty of opportunities for 4 hour shifts if you can’t find a way to make it work with what’s presently there. 


There’s 2 shifts that overlap for a total of 8 Dibs hours but only 6 clock hours – can I do them consecutively and get my 2 kids done in 6 hours? 

Not if it’s a tournament weekend.  There needs to be 2 people in the concessions at all times on the tournament weekends.  At the Hipp I set some up to overlap on purpose so if someone hasn’t worked concessions before they can learn from the person that’s there for the 1st half of the shift. 


I’ve never worked concessions before, what do I do?

I wish I had time to train everyone, but I don’t.  If you’ve never worked concessions before PLEASE do one of 2 things:  1) sign up for shifts that overlap with another person so you can get comfortable with where things are and what to do or 2)  show up on a convenient time to hang up and help someone already working a shift to have them show you around and get familiar with everything.  The concessions are pretty straight forward but it can be overwhelming if you’ve never done it before. 


Why are there cameras in the concessions?

Lots of reasons but the 2 biggest are:  Accountability to showing up and being on time and the obvious, theft.

Steve & Lorray Rolfer

Director of Concessions