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Season Registration Information

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2020-21 Player Registration

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2020-21 Coach Registration

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2020-21 Board and Volunteer Registration

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2020-21 Team Manager Registration

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2020-21 Locker Room Monitor

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Fees & Payment

At the time of registration, all outstanding past due accounts must be paid in full. Players will not be able participate in any WBLAHA events if there is an outstanding prior year balance.

Each age group this season will have a Registration Fee, a Base Fee, and a Level Fee.  When you register, you will have the option to pay the whole fee (Registration and Base) in full or elect to pay through an installment plan.

Registration Fee

Registration Fees are utilized to pay for operating costs, such as administration costs (office supplies, website, software licenses, postage, annual audits, etc.), association owned equipment and property, and Rob Sund Scholarship Funds.


A majority of the age groups have multiple levels such as the 12U age group where there will be 12U A and B teams or for PeeWee's there will be AA, B1, B2 and C teams. No matter what level of play for each of those age groups, all registered players will pay a Base Fee during the registration period.

Base (and Level) Fees are utilized to pay for player costs, such as: Level grading, District 2 fees (game ice, referee fees, league fees, etc), practice ice time, coach reimbursements, Jerseys and socks, Player Development, tournament fees, in-house jamboree for Mite/8U levels, and more.

Payments will be done online using your SportsEngine account. Payments can be made via credit card, debit card or bank account. If choosing an installment plan, payments will be divided into three equal payments (Registration Fee and Base Fee). Payments will be set up to autopay on the following dates:

  • First Payment - due at the time of registration
  • Second  Payment - November 10th
  • Third Payment - January 10th

Level Fee

After tryouts/evaluations, your registered player may be placed on a team that incurs an additional Level Fee, which will be invoiced via SportsEngine and payable within 30 days of invoice. These teams will additionally pay a Level Fee:

  • Upper Mite and 8U teams
  • Girls 12UA
  • Peewee AA
  • Bantam AA, A, B1, B2
  • JR Gold A
If ALL fees are not paid in full before January 15th, the player will no longer be able to participate in any WBLAHA activities.

2020-21 Fees

Level Registration Fee Base Fee Level Fee Total
Clinic - 1st Year - - - -
Clinic - 2nd Year $100 - - $100
Mite 4/8U4 $150 $225 $150 $525
Mite 3/8U3 $150 $225 $100 $475
Mite 2/8U2 $150 $225 $50 $425
Mite1/8U1 $150 $225 - $375
Squirts A / 10U A $225 $1,350 - $1,575
Squirts B1 / 10U B $225 $1,350 - $1,575
Squirts B2 $225 $1,350 - $1,575
Squirts C $225 $1,350 - $1,575
Peewee AA / 12U A $225 $1,450 $250 $1,925
Peewee B / 12U B $225 $1,450 - $1,675
Peewee B2 $225 $1,450 - $1,675
Peewee C $225 $1,450 - $1,675
Bantam AA $225 $1,550 $400 $2,175
Bantam A $225 $1,550 $325 $2,100
Bantam B1 $225 $1,550 $250 $2,025
Bantam B2 $225 $1,550 $250 $2,025
Bantam C $225 $1,550 - $1,775
JR Gold A $225 $1,450 $250 $1,925
JR Gold B $225 $1,450 - $1,675


As a result of Minnesota Hockey's change in birthday cutoff policy from July 1st to June 1st, any player born in June of 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010, that are not otherwise eligible for a "grade play up", may have the option to continue playing up with the age group in which they were mandated to play before the change to MN Hockey's birthday cutoff policy.  

Visit MN Hockey's site for additional information about Age Classifications.


For the 2020-21 hockey season we will implement the following discounts and opportunities for goalies: 

  1. REGISTRATION: All full-time, committed goalies will receive free registration (The full fee will be paid at registration, but the refunded once teams have formed.)
    • Mite/8U - $150 refund
    • All other levels (10U, Squirt, 12U, PeeWee, Bantam and Junior Gold) - $225 refund
  2. BASE FEES: All full-time, committed goalies at the 8U/Mite and 10U/Squirt levels will receive a 50% reduction in base fees.

Many of the discounts and opportunities noted above are similar to last season. However, we are now expanding those opportunities so we can continue to grow our association’s number of goalies and evolve the position.

We understand—especially at lower levels—there are several players who may be part-time goalies. We are not excluding those players from this opportunity. With that being said, level directors, coordinators and coaches will work directly with those families to provide some of the same benefits. Please reach out to either Joe Law, Boys Director, or Jason Sampson, Girls Director, if you have any desire to take part in this program. Final determination regarding discounts will be at the discretion of the level directors and under supervision of the board.


Tryout Fees are an ADDITIONAL $50 which will be paid during registration. Players who choose not to try out (and Mite/8U players) will be required to attend level grading, which is included in registration fees.

Boys Tryout Jersey Pickup

Please be sure to pick up your skater’s tryout jersey on Sunday, September 20th between the hours of 6:00 PM and 8:30PM at the Hippodrome . Your player will be evaluated using the number on this jersey, so please make every effort to pick up your tryout jersey at this time.

Also, remind your player not to trade jerseys with another skater. Due to COVID 19 restrictions, please be sure you wear a mask while inside the Hipp. You will also be asked to exit the building as soon as you have your skater(s) jersey.


Team managers may assign specific Team Fees, which are separate and unconnected to WBLAHA fees.

The WBLAHA board requires ALL teams considering additional Team Fees to have a meeting with parents to discuss discretionary team expenses. Discretionary expenses may include additional tournaments, additional practice ice, scrimmages, team gear, team events, player awards, etc.

Dibs & Volunteer Requirements

The Dibs requirement for all families has been eliminated this season. Families will no longer be required to earn Dibs credits by working tournaments, concessions, or other association mandated requirements.  Instead, there will be a $35 fee per player to cover this expense.

Teams hosting tournaments will be required to manage their tournaments and ensure the success of these tournaments.



Players must be registered with USA Hockey and WBLAHA before attending Clinic. The deadline for registration is Saturday, October 24, 2020.


Players must be registered with WBLAHA before they may attend Mite/U8 grading. Grading dates and times to be announced. There is no charge for Mite/8U grading. The deadline for registration is Saturday, October 24, 2020.

Girls 15U, 12U, 10U

Players must be registered with WBLAHA before they can participate in tryouts. "A "tryouts will begin the first week in October. Registration for 15U, 12U and 10U is open through September 16, 2020.  Registrations received after September 16 will only be accepted upon approval by the Board, on a case by case basis, as space allows.

A $50.00 tryout fee for anyone trying out for the "A" team. There is no charge for "B" grading.


Players must be registered with WBLAHA before they can pick up their tryout jersey. "AA/A" and "B" tryouts will begin the last week in September. Registration for Bantams, Peewees and Squirts is open through September 16, 2020.  Registrations received after September 16 will only be accepted upon approval by the Board, on a case by case basis, as space allows.

A $50.00 tryout fee for anyone trying out for the "AA/A" or “B” teams. There is no charge for "C" grading.

Jr. Gold

Players must be registered with USA Hockey before they can participate in Fall Warm-Up Camp and with WBLAHA before tryouts.


Chris Neill