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White Bear Lake Squirt B Black - District Champs!

Congratulations to the boys on finishing the year as D2 champs!

Anyone know how to say "Champions" in Spanish?






District Playoffs




Accomplishments: Hibbing Tournament Champions. 2nd place Cloquet Tournament, 2nd place Moose Goheen Tournament. District Champions. 



Welcome to the WBL Squirt Black Website!

Squirt B Tourney Schedule

Dates Tournament
March 1- 10 Districts (Stillwater)

Sponsor - Carlson Chiropractic Clinic

Deuce in the Moose!

They're hanging our jersey in Langenbrunner Land!

Squirt B Black Fans Gather in Stillwater

Some handheld video of the scene outside the Blizzard arena in Stillwater. 


    They say: You're only as good as the weakest player on the ice. 

    Squirt B Black says: Then we all better be strong. 


    Head Coach

    Jeff Anderson


    Team Manager(s)

    Tom & Angie Johnson


    Assistant Coach

     Chris Newpower


    Assistant Coach

    Vince Rivard



    Assistant Coach

    John King


    El Hombre de Game Award

    Game 1 Stillwater

    4-3 Loss

    Make me a milkshake Meister!

    Game 2 WBL Grey

    2-1 Loss

    Kevin steps up to help his team.

    Game 3 Tartan

    2-0 Win

    Drew shuts them out!

    Game 4 Eveleth (Hibbing Tourney)

    14-0 Win

    Senor Sammy!

    Game 5 Hibbing Red (Hibbing Tourney)

    7-1 Win

    Jacob is having a strong tourney!

    Game 6 Hibbing Blue (Hibbing Tourney)

    2-2 Tie

    Yo no soy marinero Soy Capitan! Soy Capitan!

    Game 7 Chaska Chanhassen (Hibbing Championship)

    5-1 Win

    Hat trick for Senor Sammy!

    Game 8 River Falls

    2-0 win

    How do you say shutout in Spanish?

    Game 9 Mahtomedi

    5-5 tie

    Kev came ready to play.

    Game 10 Somerset

    4-3 win

    Alec played the body on the blueline!

    Game 11 Hudson

    6-1 win

    Meet ELVEZ - the Mexican Elvis!

    Game 12 Stillwater

    3-3 Tie

    Hola Dino! TJ is all T.REX around the net!

    Game 13 Little Falls (Cloquet Tourney)

    4-1 Win

    Jose Can You See!

    Game 14 Apple Valley (Cloquet Tourney)

    9-1 Win

    Cuatro, Cinco, SEIS!

    Game 15 La Crescent (Cloquet Tourney)

    5-0 Win

    Cool Hand Eddie!

    Game 16 Stillwater (Cloquet Championship)

    6-5 Loss

    Cinco de Matthew!

    Game 17 Highland

    4-1 Win

    Hola West Side!

    Game 18 North Saint Paul

    6-0 Win

    Jalapenos melt the Polar ice caps!

    Game 19 Roseville

    3-2 Win

    It's not how you start it's how you finish!

    Game 20 Moorhead (Moose)

    2-0 Win

    Pair of goals = Pair of shades for T. Rex

    Game 21 Mounds View (Moose)

    5-1 Win

    Mustang Schoebel! H'uh, h'uh Guess you better slow your Mustang down Oh Lord, what I say now!

    Game 22 Woodbury (Moose)

    7-1 Win

    Kevin gets a sombrero trick!

    Game 23 White Bear Grey (Moose Semifinal)

    4-1 Win

    Me Llamo Cool Hand Eddie!

    Game 24 Stillwater (Moose Championship)

    6-2 Loss

    Hosting a pasta dinner and a strong performance in the stands earned Miguel Hombre de Game!

    Game 25 New Richmond

    6-0 Win

    Alec is a vital part of our aqua line!

    Game 26 V. Stillwater

    6-2 Win

    Numero Uno!

    Game 27 V. Forest Lake

    3-2 Loss

    MJ tips his cap!

    Game 28 V. River Falls

    9-2 Win. 

    Feliz Natter Stad!

    Game 29 V. Mounds View

    14 - 0 Win 

    Anyone know how to say "goal scorer" in Spanish?

    Game 30 V. Stillwater (District Playoffs)

    4-2 Win

    Drew + Yahoo!

    Game 31 V. Tartan (District Playoffs)

    5-1 Win

    Be the C!

    Game 32 V. White Bear White (District Semifinal)

    3-1 Win

    It was all Siete in the Semi!

    Game 33 V. White Bear Orange (District Championship)

    3-0 Win. 

    A man of his word, coach put on the sombrero after the last game.

    Say Hello to the Bloom Ave. Bullies!