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WBLAHA Dry-Land Center

WBSC Training Facility: 2023-2024 Season

Season Training

Similar to the last two seasons, this season we will be scheduling training facility hours "team based" first, then we will let individuals come in when available. The previous two seasons, coaches and managers were the only ones to access the schedule. However, this season we are giving access to every association member to view the schedule.

If a team is signed up, they have priority and get the space they signed up for. But if there is an open time slot, feel free to bring your daughter or son in and let them take advantage of our space. For example, if the Bantam AA are signed up in the Plyo Room and Mini Rink, you can still bring your kid in to skate on the treadmill or shoot in Rapid Shot.  

You can access the schedule by clicking HERE.

Tim Hambly



Ben Butters

Player Development

Tim Hambly

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