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WBLAHA Dry-Land Center

WBSC Training Facility: 2024 Spring/Summer

Off-Season Training

Now that all teams have completed their seasons, we will be going back to individual sign-up/scheduling for the dry-land facility. The doors at the Sports Center will still always be open for players who want to shoot pucks/train on their own. But, if your player would like to skate on the treadmill or have an organized workout, please sign up using the link below. This link will also be posted to the WBL Hockey Association website. The easiest way to navigate the schedule is to click on "Calendar View" when the webpage is open.

Also, parents, please remind your kids to treat the facility with respect, and that it is not a playground. 

You can access the schedule by clicking HERE.

Tim Hambly



Tim Hambly

Phone: 218-343-0972

Joel Starke

Boys Player Development

Kyle Hall

Girls Player Development